We are always grateful for help. We cannot do this service without help from volunteers. Can you help in the following fields-

  • Contributing and managing our website and Facebook page.
  • Assisting backstage at music events.
  • Assisting in preparing posters for events.
  • Historical research and archive collection.
  • Cooking wholesome food for events.
  • Serving patrons at events.
  • Promotions through the local paper and other medium.
  • Parking attendants at larger events.
  • Preparing signage for outside placement at events.
  • Photographers.

If interested in helping out please email us at mechanicsinstitutelawson@gmail.com

or contact any of the following committee members-

John Sheehy, President 0403 033 947

Leila Wedd, Vice-President 0499 947 521